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Privacy. Choice.

Openw3b is creating an ecosystem of open source software and hardware solutions that enables people and organizations to effortlessly self host their data, tools and services on their premises.


We aim to merge the convenience of cloud hosting and cloud services with the assurances of true data ownership.

Openw3b Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization established in India. We are working towards ensuring privacy, freedom and choice in the digital space by building open source, friendly and sustainable technologies.

Why Openw3b?

Internet has become the most powerful means for connecting with and influencing people in this digital era. Most of the Internet we use is actually run by very few organizations creating a centralized monopoly of data and power that is hard to escape.

Many organizations are exploiting this to make money by keeping us hooked with personalized ads and content. They have enormous control over peoples attention and by virtue of that, their thoughts, emotions and actions too. Some are selling this power to anyone with money to influence people and society.

This has led to catastrophic possibilities in the world such as toxic waste pollution, mental illnesses, election manipulation, capital surveillance, suicides and more. What was meant to be a tool for empowerment is now in many ways enslaving us.

We want to change this.


Here's how we do it

Our mission is to enable privacy, freedom and choice for people and organizations in this digital era by collaboratively building open source, friendly and sustainable technologies. We will:

Build an open source ecosystem

Create an ecosystem of open source software and hardware that is appealing and competitive while ensuring privacy and freedom.


Ensure data-ownership with convenience

Enable data ownership via simple, economical and reliable self-hosting solutions


Facilitate Decentralization

Empower people and organizations to transition an open source and federated ecosystem via seamless automated migration with backwards compatibility


Positive environmental impact

Ensure sustainability via support for low power boards and reusable old computers, servers or mobiles


Promoting free and open source solutions

Promote and enable mass adoption of open source, friendly and sustainable solutions

What are we be building?

  • OpenTools - Miscellaneous tools that take us closer to the vision

    • vmpack - Run self-contained desktop apps in lightweight micro VMs for security

  • OpenOS Desktop - An easy, powerful and secure OS for computers

  • OpenOS Android - An easy, private and secure OS for mobile phones

  • OpenApps - A suite of essential & integrated apps for individuals and

  • OpenBox SAFE - A affordable, reliable and simple home/soho server for self-hosting
    and storage in a low cost device

  • OpenBox VAULT - A scalable, reliable and affordable complete data-center in a

  • OpenAssistant - An AI that empowers you and doesn’t spy on you


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