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College Students


We are in the process of organizing students and faculty from colleges & universities across the world to collaborate in fulfilling this.

This is an opportunity for the students to

  • Learn, research and work with talented students and visionary leaders from colleges, organizations across the world

  • Build and maintain meaningful tools and solutions that your friends, family, organizations and governments will use on daily basis

  • Gain valuable experience, credits for open source contributions and work opportunities

Roles and activities

  • Management: A team that is responsible for high level mangement and activities locally and global level. People from across universities will be there.

  • Development: Core group members leading the development/mangement while others contribute. Ex: Developers from IIIT-H could lead development of a chat app in the ecosystem, while another college could be in-charge of calendar, etc.

  • Research: Research and publish on technologies and solutions that will contribute towards the goal

  • Support: Provide support to community members facing issues.

  • Leaderboard: Compete based on LoC, issues solved, questions answered, lines of documentaion, etc.

  • Our Infrastructure: We will have our own self-hosted open source infrastructure that we maintain

    • Website

    • Blog: Host

    • Git repository: Gitlab

    • Communication: Matrix

    • Video conferencing: Jitsi

    • Project management: Vikunja

    • Notepad: CodiMD

    • Forum: Discourse/NodeBB

    • Documentation: TBD

    • More as we need…

  • Weekly sessions: Talks/Training sessions with people in the industry/community. Learn and build your knowledge across development, networking, devops, etc.

  • Learning groups: Learn a language/skill from structured learning material along with a group, mentors

  • Global Hackathons: Compete and build open source PoCs that solve or fill a gap in the ecosystem and win awards and cash bounties

  • Work connect: Internship/placement offers from Open source projects and companies

  • Expo: Showcase work done by students from different colleges in our own fest/event

How to get started?

Set up

To setup a chapter in your college, reach out to us a


To contribute to the development, head over to


To ask a question or start a discussion, head over to our forum at


To chat with our team, head over to

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