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This are some of the projects we are currently working on. More coming soon!


OpenBox SAFE

Turn your computer or mobile device into a personal SAFE data-center for your data and services. The SAFE makes self-hosting your own home/soho cloud effortless.


  • Redundant, easy and secure access from internet

    • Connect to multiple internet and the SAFE automatically uses them in load-balancing/failover with the gateway, ensuring uninterrupted uptime of your services

    • Use our cloud gateway service (or host your own) to access your applications and services from the internet/VPN even without a public IP or domain

    • Data sent via the gateway is End to End encrypted by default

  • Redundant and scalable storage

    • Easily configure your storage sources to run in redundant configuration to enable fault-tolerant storage for your data and services

    • Expand your storage anytime by connecting additional storage devices

  • Productivity and application suite

    • Email

    • Cloud Storage

    • Calendar

    • Project management

    • Documentation

      and more.


More details coming soon



VM pack allows users to run applications inside a KVM sandbox, thus providing more security assurance than traditional sandboxes.


Key features:

  • KVM support via QEMU/crosvm

  • Minimal, independent and hardened runtime kernel and filesystem

  • Permission based access to

    • Webcam

    • Microphone

    • Network

    • Screen sharing

  • Faster application start time

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OpenOS Desktop

OpenOS Linux is a general purpose desktop/laptop operating system or everyone. The goal is to build an attractive, simple and fully featured OS that everyone would like to use, while providing ultimate security, performance and stability.


1. Easy and beautiful UI

Minimal design with easy and comprehensive tuning

2. Solid performance and stability

The OS boots in seconds and applications launch instantly

3. Unparalleled compatibility

You can now run android, windows and all linux apps and games

4. Effective security and privacy

Runs every app in its own virtual machine to isolate and monitor


Coming soon!

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